Ayurveda Black Salt “Kala Namak”

Ayurveda Black Salt “Kala Namak”

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Ayurveda Black Salt “Kala Namak”  40gr

by Cosmoveda
Ayurvedic black salt “Kala Namak”, finely ground

The Ayurveda Black Salt, also called Kala Namak, is a special rock salt from the tradition of Ayurveda which is used instead of salt, or as aromatic seasoning. Due to the sulfur compounds contained in Black Salt, this salt has a strong aromatic flavor, giving a fine finishing touch especially to any kind of dishes from the Asian cuisine.

The rock salt crystals are directly ground, so that the many valuable ingredients are preserved. Then it is heated together with the valuable ayurvedic fruits Amla and Haritaki for several hours in heavy clay pots. The valuable ingredients of the fruits combine with the salt to reddish-brown, sulphurous smelling crystals. The salt is natural and has many important minerals.

Ayurveda Black Salt is ideal for seasoning soups, vegetable dishes, sauces and salads. Use it in addition to regular table salt and add after cooking so that the ingredients are preserved. Because of the strong inherent taste we recommend a frugal use. Used in the right amount, Ayurveda Black Salt will give the perfect, delicious touch to exotic foods.


Ayurvedic black salt, fine